Week 8: Peer Critique Workshop; Moving Ahead on Research Projects

Quinn WarnickWeekly Updates

I loved our discussions on digital pedagogy this week, and I wish we had more time to dedicate to that topic. Given that several of you are conducting pedagogical research for the final project, perhaps we’ll be able to keep that conversation alive during the second half of the semester.

As we head into spring break (with plenty of snow on the ground, naturally), here are a few reminders about where we’ll pick up when we see each other again on March 17th:

  • On Tuesday, we’ll spend the first half of class in a peer critique workshop for the Book Review project. You should be done reading the book you’ve chosen, and you should come to class with a draft of your review. Before you write your review, I recommend rereading the assignment description and double-checking the publication guidelines of the journal you’re targeting. It’s OK if these drafts are rough, but you do need something to share with your peers. Before you come to class, upload your draft to our class’s shared Google Drive folder and label it with your name. We’ll devote the remainder of class to discussing any challenges you’re having with your research projects.
  • I’ll be at CCCC on Thursday, so we won’t hold a formal class session. However, you’re welcome to gather as a whole class or meet in small groups to discuss your research projects, if (and only if!) it would be helpful.

Because I’m traveling during Week 8, I won’t be able to hold regular office hours, but I will be available to meet on Monday, March 16, if you’d like to discuss any aspect of your research project (IRB forms, surveys, interview protocols, data collection methods, etc.). I can also make time to meet during spring break, if that’s more convenient for you. If you’d like to meet, or if you have any questions while I’m away, please don’t hesitate to contact me.