Week 5: Hashtag Analysis Presentations; Starting Internet Inquiry

Quinn WarnickWeekly Updates

Your conversations during our peer critique session today made me more excited than ever to see your finished projects! You’re in the home stretch now, so be sure to review the assignment guidelines as you put the finishing touches on your essay. If you’re looking for inspiration, I recommend reading Andy Baio’s excellent “72 Hours of #Gamergate.” If you have any last-minute questions, drop me a line and I’ll respond as quickly as I can.

Next week, we’ll bring one assignment to a close and start thinking about a new one. Here’s a quick overview of each day:

  • On Tuesday, your Hashtag Analysis project is due before you come to class. Wherever your final project ends up residing, you should add a version of it to your shared Google Drive folder so I can provide some private feedback. (If your “real” project resides somewhere else, be sure to link to it from Google Drive.) During class, we’ll enjoy short presentations (shoot for as close to five minutes as possible) on each of your projects. There is no set format for these presentations, but you should be ready to connect your laptop to the projector and dive right in to your data and findings. Five minutes is a very short amount of time, so think carefully about what you want to share with us. UPDATE: Due to inclement weather, Tuesday’s class has been cancelled. We will postpone your short presentations until Thursday, then do our best to get back on track with our regular reading assignment.
  • On Thursday, I’ll introduce our final assignment of the semester (so early, I know!), the Internet Research Project, and we’ll start discussing our next book, Internet Inquiry. Please read pages vii–67 before you come to class and be thinking about what type of research project you might like to pursue for the remainder of the semester.

Good luck wrapping up your Hashtag Analysis projects — I can’t wait to read them next week!