Week 3: More Keywords of Markup; Hashtag Analysis Workshop

Quinn WarnickWeekly Updates

We’ve been racing through our class sessions this week, with far too much to cover and not enough time in which to cover it. Now that I’ve introduced our first two assignments and we know where we’re headed for the coming weeks, I’ll try to slow things down during Week 3. Here’s the plan for each day:

  • On Tuesday, we’ll continue our discussion of Keywords of Markup (pp. 67–149), with Jessie serving as our discussion leader. In addition to completing the reading assignment, you should finalize your chosen hashtag for the Hashtag Analysis project and email me to confirm your choice. At that point, you should set up your TAGS spreadsheet and begin experimenting with some of the “Tools for Working with Twitter” that I added to the Resources page.
  • On Thursday, we’ll spend the entire class session in workshop mode, testing various tools for analyzing the data you’ve collected, so be sure you have access to all of your files for this project (translation: bring your own laptop). In preparation for our workshop, please listen/watch/read Episode 145 of 99% Invisible: “Octothorpe“, and read “#InPraiseOfTheHashtag,” by Julia Turner, and “Rhetorical Functions of Hashtag Forms Across Social Media Applications,” by Alice Daer, et al.

If you have any questions about these plans or want to chat about your Hashtag Analysis project or Book Review, just let me know. And if you find additional resources that might help your classmates on these assignments, be sure to share them on Twitter!