Week 12: The Future of Digital Humanities; Research Methods Workshop

Quinn WarnickWeekly Updates

Our conversations in class this week were excellent — thank you to Andrew and Kevin for their discussion prompts, and to all of you for engaging with the chapters we’ve read. Next week, we’ll conclude our discussion about “future trajectories” in the digital humanities, and we’ll spend a day experimenting with different tools for analyzing research data. Here’s a quick overview of our plans:

  • On Tuesday, we’ll review pp. 255–306 in Rhetoric and the Digital Humanities, and (if time allows) I’ll share a conference presentation I gave last year that deals with digital methods.
  • On Thursday, we’ll dedicate the entire class session to an “early findings workshop” for your Research Projects. Please come to class ready to explore whatever data you’ve collected thus far. (Translation: bring your laptop and make sure you have some artifacts, interviews, field notes, etc., to work with.)

By the end of Week 13 (April 24), you should be completely done collecting data for your research project; please plan accordingly. If you’re worried that this won’t be possible, come see me during office hours (T 2–5, W 9–12) or email me to arrange for another meeting time.