Week 10: Wrapping Up the Book Review Presentations; Diving in to Rhetoric and the Digital Humanities

Quinn WarnickWeekly Updates

I’ve been impressed with our first six Book Review presentations, and I’m looking forward to the last three. Once we put that assignment behind us, we’ll be able to focus more squarely on the Research Project for the remainder of the semester. As I’ve said a few times in class, this is a big project, so it’s important to pace yourselves. If you feel like you’ve fallen behind, now is the time to catch up. If I can do anything to help you, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Here’s a quick recap of our plans for next week:

  • On Tuesday, Becky, Kevin, and Kayla will deliver their presentations.
  • On Thursday, we’ll start in on our last book of the semester, Rhetoric and the Digital Humanities, with Britt serving as our discussion leader. Please read pages 111–51 and be ready to contribute to another vigorous conversation in class.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Let me know. Otherwise, good luck with your next steps on the Research Project and enjoy your weekend!